Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Pilgrim film Review: Pilgrimages of Europe- Santiago de Compestela

This past week or so has flown by, and it has been humid. I am not really used to humidity so it has been fairly hard for me. And it drives scorpions into my house, I am up to six killed in my house, and one at work.  Needless to say, I really haven't been on any interesting walks or purchased anything Camino-ish.   On to some thoughts on the film.

I streamed this courtesy of Amazon Prime but it appears to also be available for DVD purchase as well. Its about 30 mins. I found it as fascinating as it was dated. But that what was great about it. Especially the soundtrack. I find 1980's soundtracks amusing.  It really was quite the contrast to a modern day Camino. Most of the pilgrims they interviewed mentioned how alone with their thoughts they were and in the shots there was nary another pilgrim to be seen. And even more alarming, they wore jeans! Just like in the movie The Way.  (though on a side note I did meet a very fast walking pilgrim who swore by wearing jeans, giving more weight to the argument to do whatever works for you). The narrator did say that in Spain there was only one way to Santiago- the Frances route, which of course there are numerous. Based on the small sample size of pilgrims in the documentary I would say they had larger backpacks. They also used camping stoves, which I think would get tiring after a bit, but then again a hot drink when every you wanted one would be nice. I like to think I recognized some of the places, as I would nod an think to myself "Yes I too sat at the table next to the path for a break." I believe it mentioned that 8,000 people a year received a compestela, compared to the 250000 + now.  It was interesting to compare how some things changed a lot and others were surprisingly familiar.  I would  recommend this just to see how much the Way has grown.

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