Monday, August 17, 2015

A new Fanny Pack

It has been really hot this past week in Arizona. It is also the time of year that I feel summer should be over. Time for Fall! I didn't go on nearly as many walks as I like to. Hopefully the super hot hot heat is at an end. I did go on a nice walk about sunset.  I saw my first live Rattlesnake of the year, and boy did I regret not wearing my proper hiking boots instead of Teva Sandals. I saw him before I was close to it and clearly the path was big enough for both of us, but at least with boots I think a wee bit of protection could be had. Do they make rattlesnake proof shoes? 
A very nice sunset, and even though the walk was fairy short it was nice. hopefully I will be able to do some more this week. 

I came across a herd of javelinas, I was away a bit so they are a bit blurry 

Here is my new fanny pack. i found it at a thirt store for $2. It looks unuased or at least not used in the desert, as there was nary a bit of dirt in it. Its a bit heavy but fits my kindle and other things I like to have at hand on camino. I really should weigh it.  I keep hoping they will come back in style, ah to relive the nineties. 

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