Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Pilgrim book review: Laughter and tears along spain's 500 mile Camino de Santiago

This book had a lot of potential, but I think it could have used some editing.  The writing was good, but what threw me was that he had quite a bit of repetition. He based this book off of his blog, so he would begin the chapter with the blog post then go back and write about the same events. Sometimes with the exact same wording. I found it confusing.  This was his first trip abroad as a 53 year old American from Texas.

As with all Camino books I find it fascinating what lessons they take away from their experience. In someways, everyone's Camino is fairly similar. Sleep walk eat repeat.

The item that stuck out most to me was said by a fellow pilgrim he met:

"Every pain has a meaning, and when you find the meaning you don't need the pain anymore."

Along the same lines, " Maybe you can't find the peace and happiness unless you slog you way thru the difficulties too... "

What I learned most from following his journey was facing regret and fear with the attitude of what did it teach you and how it can make one a better person. And it is never too late to try something that pushes you out of your comfort zone.

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